Request for more POAP links 34729

Hey, we had our Community Call yesterday and we got 50 individual delivery codes, that we asked for (ID 34729). Surprisingly, we got over 100 participants to the call (as you can see in the image below).

Yesterday we asked for 150 delivery codes, but we only got 25 more. That’s not enough for every participant. So I’m kindly asking for 50 more delivery codes so that every participant gets one.

Happy to give you any additional details you might need.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

  1. Drop ID 34729
  2. Community information
    We’re building the DAO Working Platform.
  1. Nature of the event
    Our second public community call. This is also our first community call after our Genesis Member NFT drop last week.

  2. Distribution plan
    Delivery codes – over 100 ppl arrived. To add a personal touch, we distribute the codes with DMs in Discord.

  3. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    We were waiting for 50 participants but got over 100. I assume that many ask for too many POAPs, we asked for too few.

Hey @jalmafi

How do you know who was actually on the Twitter Space?


We had the community call in Discord and we wrote down every participant that joined the call. As you can see in the screenshot, there were over 100 participants.

Hey, @jalmafi
this was pretty seriously compromised :confused:

Check out all the addresses with tremendous numbers of POAPs:

For future events :point_right: Is there a way that you can vet the collectors to ensure that at least a good portion of the rest of the drop goes to genuine members of your community? Asking them a question only attentive individuals would know to prequalify, for instance?