Request for more mint links #50494

  1. Drop ID #50494

  2. Community information Discord(benchoong棒小钟)

  3. Nature of the event
    CH90 Private Event POAP which let our members to have the badge as a proof of joining our event in learning. We do sharing about crypto in out discord every friday and hope to use poap to become a proof for those joining out event. In the future, we think of using the poap as verify them as long time learner. The poap will use the QR code generator provided by the POAP and show randomly during the event so to make sure the audience will hear and learn. Our sharing on each friday already started since April.

  4. Distribution plan
    Previously the mint link is given only 20 and i clicked request more codes in the admin page. Manually check and prevent oversupply of the poap and most importantly prevent farmers.The address is collected and filtered manually by the moderator after they filled out the form with questions in the form.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I believe that by doing this, we can easily recognize the member who join our sharing event about blockchain on every tuesday/friday night 830pm (GMT+8)

Hopefully i can request 11 mint links more


Can help me look into this as well?

Hey @KiddoKiid

Curators have already made a negative review of your petition since it’s a past event (you can’t use the Magic QR Dispenser).

Please consider creating your petitions before the event next time.

All the best,