Request for more links

  1. Drop ID - 49191
  2. Community information
  3. Nature of the event
    Annual election of officers and directors
  4. Distribution plan
    I run the portal they use to do all their business - this is my first mint, so I am determining best options, but I have complete control of entire webstack.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    My request was approved, but I only received 10 links. I understand and support whatever best practices standards you have set, so if an annual election is not a good use case, my apologies.
    I am the voice of BlockGurus, and am on a mission to put a wallet and an ENS name in the browser of all 1.2 million REALTORS in the US.
    I have pasted in ‘proof of progress’ on our annual election, which closes Monday June 13. This is a trial run, before I attempt to create this as a SaaS type tool for every realtor association.

Appreciate your review and guidance. I had other use cases within both the realtor association and MLS verticals I would like to discuss if anyone is interested.

Sincerely, Greyhame

Good morning. Followup message here - just to demonstrate we are not wasting links by over-requesting. And also to pay myself on the back for my powers of prognostication - we may overshoot my 733 guesstimate as we still have 1.5 hours left on our election cycle.


Your consideration is greatly appreciated.