Request for expediting approval. Event start date: 06-01-2022 (Drop ID: 47289)

  1. Drop ID : 47289
  2. Community information
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    Link to event: Login • Instagram
  3. Nature of the event
    The 64th annual NASA convention brings around 5k architectural students from 300 schools of architecture all across India. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to introduce them to web3 and how architectural students can really benefit from crossing over to using decentralized web3 platforms. Renderpub is a real-time archviz toolkit that enables architects to easily render hyper-realistic images, videos and immersive VR walkthroughs. The VR walkthroughs can be remotely and securely accessed on mobiles or laptops through a web browser. Optionally, architects and designers can publish their VR walkthroughs on the metaverse to earn rewards and get free tooling.
  4. Distribution plan
    MAGIC POAP QR dispenser
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Maybe the no. of POAPs being generated was too high.

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I thought you were referring to,
It may be helpful to write out ( National association of Students of Architecture )
It will eliminate any confusion in the future

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