Request for edit code/additional mint links

  1. [54601]
  2. Psychedelics Anonymous DeFi education course hosted by @paspaces, course info at @definingdegen
  3. Weekly training session
  4. Individually issuing
  5. No appeal necessary, just need to request more codes and sometimes I do not get the initial email with the edit code and I forget to write it down. This was one of those cases. I do not have any email from when I created the drop. Please let me know what I need to do to request 20 more codes without the edit code.

:ocean: :wave: @Kaymo

You need the edit code!
You can request here


Please let us know if you have any questions!
Reach out to CS via for technical support :slight_smile: !!!

I do not have the edit code, I didn’t write it down and never got an email.

Helly, I have still not seen a reply to this. Please let me know how to get the edit code ( I did not receive an email, or if I can directly get approved for the lins here.

Hi, just wanted to follow up here again. should I put in another ticket?

Hey @Kaymo

Have you checked all your inbox folders? Spam, promotions…?

Q: How do you distribute the POAPs without having received the confirmation email? :thinking:

Yes, I have checked everywhere. The happens every so often (I request around 2-3 POAP per week).

I can see that it comes up as a new drop but dont get an email and then I just get sent the mint links. Please let me know what to do as it has already been a week and I am submitting for the next session.

Hi just checking in on this. I also received an email that I had to appeal the next submission I did for this weekly event and never heard back. That event is tomorrow (I moved it while I debt with this issue) and the ID is 55995

So now I am trying to get extra codes for drop ID [54601], and trying to get codes period for [55995]. The date that will now take place is tomorrow the 26th, but I am not going to submit another POAP creation application because that has happened to me before and it just get denies. So now I have no idea what to do and had the leader of the Psychedelic’s Anonymous community dming me asking what is up.

It doesnt look like I can create another appeal and I just really am at a loss here and look really bad