Request for Approval #51534 and #51535

  1. #51534 and #51535 (also an update on #48258)
  2. Community information
    Governance forum:
  3. Nature of the event
    Weekly Community Call
  4. Distribution Method
    DEGEN bot
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Usually our drops are approved amazingly fast. Our last drop #48258 was held up and it was requested that we wait until the next version of the DEGEN bot is released. I have been watching the DEGEN support server for any updates, but have not seen a new version released. I wanted to post this in advance, since both mints are for 1000+ codes, and we are still hoping to see codes delivered for #48258.

I am hoping that we can get the codes issued for all three events, as we are starting to have a backlog of POAPs for our community calls to distribute, and the DEGEN bot generally only holds participant history for ~3 calls.

It was also raised as a concern that our previous drops were compromised. As a result, I downloaded and analyzed the claim history for the past two drops that were referenced in the previous request.

Is there a number of POAPs for an address that the POAP organization considers the threshold for illegitimate activity? We have issued nearly 50 POAPs as a community, so a collection of a few hundred POAPs no longer seems crazy to me. I generally consider any accounts with more than 1000 to be beyond the possibility of being obtained legitimately.

If 1000 is the threshold, neither call has more than 5% of the claims going to addresses that are likely to be farming. The eligibility list is being created and automated by DEGEN, inside Discord channels that require human verification via reaction roles. We are doing all that we can to prevent community call POAP farmers, but would be open to other suggestions if there are new best-practices for Discord calls.

If there is any other information needed, please let me know.

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