Request for approval #51312

  1. Drop ID #51312

  2. Community information
    Enlightened Rats is the genesis NFT collection of Chain Debrief, a a crypto media and community which reaches over 200k crypto enthusiasts monthly.

  3. Nature of the event
    We had an AMA on Discord with our founder last night and will be issuing POAPs to all those who attended.

  4. Distribution plan
    I’ve applied for a delivery #2539 and am in the process of collecting the attendees wallet addresses for the whitelist.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    No idea… perhaps you guys are overloaded?

Hey @ChainDebrief

TY for the context!
You should submit your Delivery petition once you have collected all the addresses :slight_smile: (not before)

Hey Fio,

Does this mean that addresses cannot be added on once we’ve submitted the delivery petition?

We would prefer if both processes could be ongoing concurrently, the delivery petition as well as us collecting the wallet addresses from our community.

As you might know, the wallet address collection might take a few days, and after we announce the POAP delivery website for them to claim their POAP, it might take some time as well.

Also, in future, we will be creating POAPs for people who attend our online Learn & Earn course. This course will be ongoing and we expect to get responses for it for at least a year. We will need to add the wallet addresses to the whitelist as the entries come in over a few months and it will not be possible to upload all the addresses before we make a delivery petition.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Hey @ChainDebrief

Yes, that means that addresses can’t be added after submitting the petition.

If you have an ongoing course, you can distribute the POAP via mint links.

Hi @Fio

Does this mean that I can keep requesting mint links in batches for the course? Perhaps say, one request per month. Because we won’t be able to know beforehand how many mint links we will need over the course of a year.

Hi @Fio

I’ve submitted another delivery with the complete list of addresses.
Delivery ID #2568
Drop ID #51312

Hoping to get it approved soon as it’s already been more than 24 hours.


Hey @ChainDebrief

You can request top-ups for your mint links.

Regarding your Delivery petition: We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

Q: how did you collect the addresses?

Hi @Fio

Q: how did you collect the addresses?

A: We took a snapshot of all attendees during the AMA, then added them to a private channel on discord where we collected their wallet addresses via google forms.

We did not want to show a QR code or website link during the AMA itself, as this can be leaked to people who did not attend.