Request for Additional Codes DCL art week

  1. 61597
  3. Hour gallery and special event at DCL Art Week 2022
  4. We set up a dispenser inside hour land, you have to climb to get it
  5. we asked for a lot of poaps so it might’ve been suspicios. There are already 200 poaps claimed and the event runs for 3 more days. We have an event on friday too in the same land.
    We were looking forward to get, at least 300 poaps more to start with.
    The dispenser is already set up, so it will automatically feed the new links

Also we were given 50 faulty codes afterwards. only 200 worked

Hello @bassed

Did you load the new codes into the Dispenser and restart the dispenser?

Hi Julie, no we didn’t as there were only 50 and didn’t worked individualy.
Restarting the dispenser means an extra connection with our dev and we would like to do that for more than 50 (working) poaps if possible.

Hello @bassed

You can manually distribute the mint links or add them to the dispenser.

Ok, we would gladly do that but the last 50 links you sent don’t work.
we get this message “We couldn’t find a POAP associated with this mint link.”

Also we were hoping to have more than 50 poaps, can you help us out with that too?

tldr; 1 we need more poaps, 2 the last 50 you sent don’t work

Hi we received a negative review to receive more poaps.
To sum up
1 we asked for 500, you gave me 200
2 those 200 were claimed so we asked for 200 more
3 you sent 50 poaps but they didn’t worked
4 we ask once again for 200 poaps and our petition got negative review.

We believe it’s a valiid petition, would you help us understand why we can`t have more poaps ?
Thanks in advance

Hello @bassed

You have to load the 50 codes into the dispenser. If you are having issues with the dispenser you will have to contact the dispenser operator.

If you are using the Magic QR Code Dispenser you will have to load the new file of 50 into it and restart it for it to distribute them properly.

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Ok we’ll send the links, but we tried them and don’t work. For example: POAP - The bookmarks of your life
shouldn’t they work straight out of the txt?

Thanks for your time

Hi Julie our dev confirms that the 50 codes that you sent are not working.
Can you please provide working codes?

On the other hand 50 codes are not enough for the amount of people attending to the event, would you please provide more codes?

Thanks in advance


Please go to Customer Support Support | POAP Directory and advise them of:
event id
Discourse link
and the issue you are having

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