Request #40897 for distribution

Event ID: #40897

Community information (All relevant social networks Twitter, Discord, Youtube, websites, etc.) - „Blockchain, Metavisatos go Web 3.0:

“exponential crypto club” private discord

Nature of the event: Online event for the followers of the community that is aware of our events.
Distribution method: Web distribution with QR code with a duration of 2 business days for limited distribution of 50 poap.

Why do you think this request is being made? I did not receive approval from the web distribution site. Our monitoring has not detected a nft farmer among the supplies.


A request change was sent to your email regarding your website’s URL.
We recommend using a GUID generator for your website’s URL

Please shorten the claim to 30 minutes.

Hey @BrendaVega

I’m sorry but we can’t issue a POAP website for a past event. I see you’re distributing your POAPs via the mint links :slight_smile:

For future events, please follow the guidelines:

  • Use a random URL, don’t use a word that is in the title or description of your drop.

  • Set a short minting window (preferably minutes, rather than hours) to decrease the chances of your Website URL being leaked and your POAPs farmed.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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