Received only 50 from 300 codes requested

Hello team,

We have requested 300 codes for our event but received only 50 from 300.

At first, we didn’t know that we needed to ask in this discourse, so when we received an email notifying us that we should receive 300 codes after 24 hours, we waited two days but didn’t receive the code. We thought there might be some problem with the automated system, so we requested more codes on the website and received the first 50 codes in our email. After that, we made another two requests on the website for 1,000 and 250 codes but didn’t receive any, so we researched more and found about this discourse.

We only need more 250 codes, could you help us?

This is our POAP that we requested for another 250 codes

Hello Gladiaxy,

The reason we only granted 50 codes was because of the size of your community. Can you tell us why you requested 1000 links when the POAP specifically mentions 300 members?

We are concerned this POAP will be used for engangement farming.

For future reference, please add the event ID in the title of your post. And post it in the #community channel instead, it will get picked up faster.

Kevster from the Curation Body

Thank you for your reply.

At that time, we thought an automated system did every process, and there might be some problem because we first requested 300 codes but never received a code. After that, we tried requesting again from the website and received only 50. So we thought that if we tried to put more numbers like 1,000, we might receive enough code to give 300 codes for our community, but we really need 250 codes more.

Gladiaxy team