1. Should Issuers pay for drops? Why or why not.
    Whether the company’s requirements are necessary is the same as that of Party A and Party B.
    The other party agrees to be able to charge.
  2. Should Collectors pay for drops? Why or why not.
    It has always been said that it is proof of participation, so why pay for it?
  3. Should POAP Inc continue to pay for drops? Why or why not.
    Attendees should not pay for this.
    4.Additional comments or insights you have.
    Like conference gifts, the project party can charge a fee if they want.
    But the participants attended the meeting and should not be paid in order to prove participation in the meeting.

I don’t really think anyone one specifically should have to pay, I would try to find on a way to factor cost in into that which is attended.

My 2 cents on the matter.
I actually feel that both issuers and collectors need to participate, to address 2 different issues.

Fees paid by the issuer: whatever it needs to be, could be fixed or proportional to the number of mints.
In my opinion, this is necessary to decrease the work done by the curation body (and maybe ultimately remove the curation process altogether!). It’s also needed if POAP wants to fully embrace the web3 ethos, and push to its decentralization.

Fees paid by the collector: I’m in favor of a free mint, but gas fees at the collector’s charge. Since it’s on the Gnosis chain, it’s pretty insignificant, and would be a good step to reduce Sybil attackers (or/and farmers).

In my opinion there can be 2 cases:

one is a free POAP but there will be no support or guarantee of any kind that it will work and possibly resell some info to marketers.

Second: Do charge for the POAP that comes with support and other services that will be relevant.

Always can exclude some cases like: Nonprofits that can get limited amounts of drops a year for free.

i think Issuers should pay for drops because the Poap have value for the issuer :sweat_smile:

It would make sense to pay for poap emissions if there was a government token, it’s just an idea, for my part I’m a designer and I love poaps :blue_heart:

imo - issuers should have the opportunity to issue a limited number of individual POAPs and POAP collections without a cost. Subsequent issuance should be available via paid tiered subscription.

POAPs should be free to collectors and the cost should be covered by the issuer, but gas if it becomes non-trivial should be an option for issuers to cover or push to the collector on issuance.