Re-open Old POAP -#60724 VS Athlete Cory Sandhagen AMA

Event ID#: 60724
Description: VS Athlete Cory Sandhagen AMA
Date: 8/17/22
Distribution Method: secret word

gm gm, a few weeks back my team (VaynerSports Pass) created a POAP drop for a Twitter Spaces AMA with a special guest, but the guest never showed up, but we still allowed ppl to claim the POAP for that event. Today at 3pm est we are making up that event with the same person and was wondering if we would be able to to re-open that same POAP for today. The name of the POAP is:
VS Athlete Cory Sandhagen AMA. Unfortunately the event is already expired and we were wondering if the curation team would be able to “unexpire” it so that we can open up the secret word again with another 225 codes? Thank you!

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Hey @TeddyT

I’ve seen you requested a new petition (#66502) and it was approved.

Hope you had enjoyed the event.

All the best.

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