RabbitHole Survey POAP

Event ID#: 43763

Description: We recently shared a survey with the RabbitHole community to gain insights into what motivates them and how we can improve our product to become the best place to progress through web3. In doing so, we communicated to the participants that we were going to reward them with a POAP for completing the survey. The distribution list consists of ~40k unique wallet addresses, which is too large to input into the typical form UI on poap.xyz. After speaking with Brian Wendt from the customer service team, I was directed to run this through the POAP discourse.

Date: 5/11/2022

Codes Requested: 40,085

Distribution Method: Ideally, we would not hold/receive the codes through email due to the size of the request. It would be best if there was a way to distribute the POAP in a more automated manner, similar to the standard form process where we add/whitelist the addresses and participants can claim on the POAP site.

We can provide a CSV of addresses, the art, and the title/description, and any other information your team may need to get this done. We initially communicated we would have it completed within the month of May, so please let us know next steps.




We will we able to review your request shortly.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body


Hey @drethereum ,

This is a bit of a pickle.

POAP is a protocol for issuing collectibles that represent culturally significant collective memories. Good examples of POAP-worthy events include product launches, anniversaries, weddings, and other events that see humans come together in celebration. Periodically, we also accept community calls, Twitter Spaces, and other online gatherings, although this is increasingly within the area of policy that is being scrutinized.

This approach to curating the POAP ecosystem comes from a deeply held belief that a systematic approach to celebrating our commitments to each other, remarkable moments, and other deeply human experiences is a necessary public good in a world where things move too quickly on a 24/7 clock. Notably, the positive feelings associated with these special moments are a scarce resource; if everything you do is special and celebrated, it’s not long before life feels flat and dull because the celebrations are relatively meaningless.

We’ll need to take this moment to acknowledge that while completing a product survey is an activity that has utility for RabbitHole, its well outside the bounds of what POAP is created to do, particularly at the intended scale. We recently rejected a similar petition for reasons at the same intersection, namely:

  1. Proof of completing a survey is not deemed to be a well-qualified usage of POAP
  2. The likelihood that the list of proposed recipients is VERY bot-heavy is extremely high, thereby creating harm to the protocol overall.

I regret to inform you that much like the previous request, this can’t be accepted in its current conception.

The counter-offer I can make: you may do a drop for a list of addresses that had provided the highest quality feedback. This list should be no larger than 150 people, though I would be a proponent of making it thinner than that.