Promotion of POAPs on social media

If we’re issuing POAPs via live streams, podcasts, and IRL events, is it frowned upon to tease that there may be a POAP on social platforms? Our audience engagement for POAPs is very small, less than 20 users, but we’re trying to onboard people and educate. Would be fun to promote that there may be a POAP available.


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Hey @kyogi

Great question!

I would say the only right way is to give your audience the POAP once they show up, not as a promotional tool. When you use POAP to promote the event, you attract farmers. Farmers are only after free NFTs, they add no community value or engagement.

POAP is an ecosystem for the preservation of memories. The protocol is designed for facilitating individuals create records of the activities they joined by minting nice collectibles. It’s important that farming is eliminated because otherwise, the protocol is not a reliable source of truth about who was actually part of an event.

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