Product Feedback: from a Fan to the POAP Community

Hi There POAP Fam,

I’m a long time fan and builder in the ETH ecosystem. Recently I’ve had my first opportunity to issue a new POAP drop for the team Im leading product at (

While I found messaging in Discourse and chatting with the curation committee via email relatively efficient, I wanted to offer some product observations and painpoints I experienced as a first time issuer.

The POAP system is currently really great, and obviously captured the market across the crypto space fairly quickly. I think the product itself deserves a world-class intuitive experience to go along with this!

The problems and user stories below are not ordered by priority. These are grouped as Issuer Problems and General User Problems and ordered in relative priority due to pain and speed of solution.

Happy to dig in further on any of the items below!


Issuer Problems

User Story: As an issuer I want to understand what my POAP image looks like prior to fully committing to that image.
Problem: Today issuers are unsure the way their token image will look as a minted POAP.
Potential Solution(s):

  • Give users an opportunity to preview image before submission.
  • Give users an opportunity to change an image after submission.
  • Add the issuer FAQ or Drop Best Practices to the dropdown in the homepage header.

User Story: As an issuer, I want to manage my POAP drops quickly and easily.
Problem: As an issuer I find it challenging to find my POAP drops and recall my edit code.
Potential Solution(s):

  • Always add edit codes to mint link approved emails.
  • Give users a chance to find Managed drops by associated email or POAP profile (profile being more work).

User Story: As an issuer I want to understand how the POAP system works on testnet prior to submitting on Mainnet.
Problem: Today it is unclear how to properly set all parameters for submission prior to launch, and the only way to really find out is to submit live or private POAPs.
Potential Solution(s):

  • Give strong guidelines in the POAP submission page to share how to submit a test vs submitting a mainnet drop.
  • Add a “create on testnet” option to the submission process.

User Story: As an issuer, I want to use POAPs for my dapp on ETH Mainnet.
Problem: As an issuer I don’t feel comfortable asking users to pay 0.1 ETH in fees.
Potential Solution(s):

  • Reduce POAP fee to something reasonable (maybe 2x gas fee?).

General User Problems

User Story: As a user, I want to understand all the applications within the POAP ecosystem at a glance.
Problem: Today there are 7+ websites with POAP information, applications, and community and it is unclear how to navigate these at a glance.
Potential Solution(s):

  • Build a header navigation system to display all the opportunities to launch POAPs, use POAPs, or engage with the POAP community in a single place.

User Story: As a visitor of the POAP homepage, I want to be able to explore the POAP gallery in order to understand the way people use POAPs.
Problem: At the moment it is unclear how to arrive to from the homepage.
Potential Solution(s):

  • Add a Gallery Link in the header.
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Thank you for being an engaged member of the POAP Community.
We will relay this information back internally.

Wishing you all the best & looking forward to reviewing you future drops.

Best regards,
The POAP Curation Body