Problem with Secret Word on event #35995

Hi! How are you?

I created the secret word for the event #35995 - DeFi Space 5: Educaci贸n Cripto y DeFi .
Is there a chance that phrase will be activated? It is the only one that I received an email where it tells me that it is under review.

Also, i created 2 more events because the hotmail/outlook emails dont run. So, i need the secret word that I created for the event #35995 - DeFi Space 5: Educaci贸n Cripto y DeFi .

Can help me?

Thanks!! :smile:


Just confirming you requested Mint-links & Secret-word from different *emails?

I requested for the first time a drop with a hotmail direction. The email for confirm the drop wasnt arrived, therefore i requested another drop with gmail direction, that was arrived. So, i set a secret word for the event #35995 - DeFi Space 5: Educaci贸n Cripto y DeFi . The confirmation of secret word is running never arrived. Do you understand me?

okay, i need the secret word to be activated so that the participants of yesterday鈥檚 event can claim it


Hey @fp98

As it鈥檚 a past event, the petition for Secret Word was negatively reviewed.

But as I can see, your petition for mint links has been reviewed with positive results (for 50/150 mint links).
Do you have a list of the attendees?

Hi Fiore!

I don麓t have a list of the attendees. Was a Twitter Space. That鈥檚 why i need the secret phrase :sweat_smile:

How could we solve it? :thinking:


Hey @fp98

Secrets are a method that prioritizes convenience and usability over trustworthiness. To avoid farming issues, you have to make sure that Secrets are shared verbally (as opposed to written and sent in the chat).

That鈥檚 why you should distribute the POAPs using Secrets during the event and not after.

You can learn more about the POAP Distribution methods here: POAP Distribution Methods 101 | POAP Help Center

I suggest sending the mint links to the attendees, I see you have the Space recorded here

Sorry for the inconvenience.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body