Pre-POAPs and The Memory Box

Hello everyone, I recently joined the community and as a way of introducing myself, I thought I’d share a few items from my ‘Memory Box’, an ever-expanding collection of pre-POAPs that I’ve accumulated (the wife would say hoarded) throughout my life :


Like the POAPs of today, these are the bookmarks of my life and many are associated with wonderful memories. For instance, ‘The Phantom’ was the first ‘show’ I’d ever seen and although I’ve seen many since, nothing has made a bigger impression whilst the Olympic ticket was a dream come true for my Dad, a former athlete who still has his ticket, even though he’s not a collector!

tbh, I have only recently discovered POAPs but I can see their enormous potential and unlike my carefully curated collection that only gathers dust, apart from all kinds of possible utiity, I believe POAPs have the power to bring people together.

I’m keen to test this theory out and also scoring my first POAP (Yes, a POAP virgin) so hope to get to know a few of you and rest assured, Rick Astley anecdotes will be kept to a bare minimum :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyone else inspired to share a pre-POAP, too?


Hello @nealw

Thanks for sharing your Pre-POAPs. I have a few Pre-POAPs of my own, from a vintage Magic QR Code Dispenser. My wife also calls it hoarding. :smiley:

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Wow, that’s a beauty!

I’m wondering if there any childhood memories associated with it?

I was reading about this bloke the other day, what a champion!

Thanks for sharing! :grinning:


A small misunderstanding, or one the size of a turnstile. :blush: Thankfully, for my wife, I only collect the pennies from these machines, not the actual machines. :coin: Each one has it’s own memory attached, similar to my POAPs. :bookmark: I hope you can collect some meaningful moments for your POAP collection soon. :slight_smile: Best of luck!


Ah, I see :grinning:

Human beings love collecing things, I suppose that is why POAPs have such potential.

Good to meet you, Sir.


This is the Ingress event I attended in 2016: MissionDay

Ingress is a game that is based on real geographic locations in factions against each other, there are still many people playing it. Pokémon Go may have been inspired by Ingress. :joy:

At these events, players share their name cards with each other in a uniform size and shape, but with a variety of content that could be considered a prehistoric “You’ve met POAP”.


Hi @Kira,

My ten year old son Harry is MAD for Pokemon Go and I can see how POAPs are really going to evolve in spaces like these. Thanks for sharing! :heart_decoration: