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Hi all,

I’m going to be passing out POAPs to people at Permissionless in West Palm Beach on May 17-19. We plan to use POAPs as the main way to engage with those at the conference and I would like to make 2000 POAPs for this event. I’ve requested 2K and I’ve received 600 codes. Would you mind approving more codes. The POAP is private and you can only get one by speaking with a PoolTogether rep at the conference. Thanks!


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my apologies!

  1. Event ID #42315
  2. PoolTogether
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  3. We want people to approach PoolTogether representatives wearing fun shirts and pool towels at the Permissionless Conference and ask for a POAP. We will then do a POAP raffle for PoolTogether delegation.
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Hey @hotmike

Can you clarify how do you plan to distribute?
You mentioned, “face to face”, but how specifically?

I will hand them out with a team of 5 other people at the conference. We’ll be having conversations with people and as we do we’ll had them out.


Please specify how you are accomplishing this.

  1. Are you printing out the QR-codes via → POAPs.agency

  2. Do you plan to use the magic QR dispenser. → How Do I Set Up the Magic POAP QR Dispenser to Distribute Mint Links Via Unique QR Codes? | POAP Help Center

We insist on utilizing these methods for your drop.

@Oops is holding my hand through this process! I do what @Oops tells me to do. He has a printer that he uses where I submit the excel spreadsheet with links and IDs in columns.

Hey @frankie yea Mike is going to be taking the codes, putting them into a spreadsheet, and sending them to a printer who will turn them into physical stickers with unique claim codes on the back to be distributed. This is something I do on behalf of POAP at various events, and other people are starting to connect with my supplier and do the same thing.

you can see an example of how it would work below.

When I distribute these at the events, I can distribute on average about 1000/day when I’ve got flow. So requesting 1000 for a multi-day event like permissionless seems reasonable. Also its much better to bring extra and not distribute them, then it is to run out of physicals while at the event.

Yes, so ideally we could have 2K codes and spread the POAP joy throughout Permissionless!

true my bad, honestly in my opinion the more the merrier here. It can’t get farmed, so the worst that can happen is that Mike ends up with tonnes of extra stickers at the end that don’t get used and thats both expected, and done intentionally (since its better to have extra then run out).

I just submitted a similar thing for Veecon and we requested 3000. If I was going to permissionless I would have requested 3-4000 because of the way I distribute mine.

Yeah I don’t have your hustle, but we have a team of 5+. I still don’t think our team has your hustle. But let’s try. @frankie can we get 3K please? Ideally today so we can print and ship. Need them in a week!

@frankie any news on this, ser?

@frankie sorry to bother but the event is next week and I need to prints!


Please request a top-up for the amount of Mint-links you need.

Thank you for your patience :pray: !

@frankie requested 2400 and I currently have 600. Thanks!

Hey @hotmike
I’m closing this thread looks like your petition received a positive review :slight_smile:

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