POAP's Global Treasure Hunt!

Dear POAP Curation Body,

We have developed a game called “Bewee”, on this game we drop POAPs on different parts of the world where our community is present and we let them collect such POAPs by physically going to the locations where we’ve dropped the POAPs. Our game compares the location of the community member with the location of the POAP and if the member is less than 50 meters from the POAP then we show the member the link to mint the POAPs via a POAP website.

The game is based on a book we’ve written called “The Book of Bewee” that you are more than welcome to check here: https://bit.ly/3LxD1rq

We understand that this might introduce potential risks to the drop if community members leak the website to others! We’ve thought about this but we believe that our community is so small and so close to us that the risk of people leaking the URL is very minimal, on top of this, the game is all about exploring cities around the world, and the merit of the players is actually putting the effort and going to the locations where we drop the POAPs and this we believe highly de-motivates people from leaking the URL since from a psychological point of view they are making an effort to obtain the POAP and would want to know that all holders of these POAPs got them by making an effort too!

We are making this post to let you know that we will be requesting the approval of 8 POAPs with a systemic design, the idea behind our design is to create a very simple yet cool design that will allow us to create POAP drops as our community of players grow!

We are thinking to request 10 mints per each of the 8 POAPs and use a distribution method of type website.

Here are the 8 POAPs we will request

And here a screenshot of how our game looks with the POAPs placed. This is mobile, but our games is a PWA and is also playable on desktop.

Players will need to provide access to location so we can calculate distance to the POAP. See the button with the “We need to know your location to collect” message.

Once users provide location permission and get within 50 meters from the POAP they will see a button to CLAIM that will take them to the mint website.

Last but not least! We will place all POAPs on beautiful and memorable landmarks so that our community can have fun exploring amazing places with friends and collect POAPs as a life long reminder of that experience!

Please let us know what you think, we would love to move forward and submit the proposals for approval. We are looking to launch this 1st treasure hunt by mid April :smiley:

PD: The game is 100% developed and we have it on a staging environment, once the POAPs are approved and the game is released we will gladly share the url with you! (Right now if you go to https://bewee.me/ you will see a very old version of the game).

PD2: The next iteration of the game might let other POAP issuers add their POAPs to the map! Which we think will unlock a lot of fun for the POAP community! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this idea too.

Cheers and thanks!

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Dear POAP Curation Body,

We thought it might make more sense for us to move forward and send approval request for the 8 drops since seeing the drop request will likely give you a more in depth understanding of our project!

You can also check the live game here: https://bewee.me/ (if it does not look like the screenshot below please do a hard refresh or erase your cache and reload the page :smiley: )

The IDs of our drop requests are the following:

  • #36750
  • #36751
  • #36752
  • #36753
  • #36754
  • #36755
  • #36756
  • #36757

Once again, thank you so much!

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Congrats, looks like your petitions received a positive review.
You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

Enjoy your event :slight_smile:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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