POAPS and Titans: innovating education

Hello dear reader,

I’m Kidsune, and I represent the KoiosDAO community. We run an open-source learning platform, https://www.koios.world, offering free academic blockchain and trading courses. We are affiliated with several Dutch Universities and host an active Discord community. We started in 2017 and have gradually grown into the DAO we are now. It is all still a very early phase. Still, Discord holds 1,500+ members, we teach almost 1,000 students per year, and we won prizes like the Dutch Blockchain Award for Meaningful Education (DBW Enterprise Award KOIOS - YouTube).

Our aim

We aim to eventually reshape our education systems via evolution, not revolution. So we add more ecosystem elements in an open-source and decentralized fashion to reshape how we share and learn. And add more freedom & fun while we are doing that. In other words: the DAO gradually moves towards ‘education as a common’: free lifelong learning for all. Sort of a recreation of Plato’s University: an open market square where all could come to learn from and with each other.

Web3 Tech opens new doors for education

To realize ecosystem learning, we need web3 tech. The KoiosDAO learning experiment is growing as we incorporate more and more web3 elements like our governance token (Titan Token, Titan (Titan) Token Tracker | PolygonScan) and the Titan NFTs (https://opensea.io/collection/koiostitans). In addition, our (free!) dynamic NFTs + ‘soulbound’ study credit badges are on their way. We expect to launch them upcoming Semester; find the approved proposal here: Snapshot.

All will be visible for the learners in their profile when they connect their wallet, App - Koios. The profile will display their personal collection of tokens acquired via learning, participating, and/or contributing. Think Titan governance tokens, credit badges, different NFTs, and hopefully…

POAPs :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:!

Why POAPs?

A note before start: although I have been on the receiving side of POAPs, the POAP forum and processes are all new to me. I read as much as I could in advance to save you all some time. Still, I am most likely doing things incorrectly or saying too much/too little (for which I’m very sorry, but could not wait nor hold my enthusiasm anymore :slight_smile: ). The reason why I did not create a single event is that we are very much looking forward to the possibility of setting up a long-term collaboration (POAPS and Titans: innovating education). So, I would love to discuss them below in more detail (hence this thread/topic).

Which brings me to the reason for creating this topic: we would love (!!) to add POAPs to this educational innovation mix of open-source communities and academic courses. We have a dozen reasons to use POAPs, but perhaps the most important one: we want to make our classes, guest lectures, events, meet-ups, etc. more magical (!!). Examples of other goals are:

  • Important and common goals like increasing learner engagement from students and community members during classes, guest lectures, meet-ups, and events. Not only as an incentive but also via the raffles, votings, etc. Our alumni network is vital, with POAPs our students now have a powerful tool to store memories of their times as students.

  • Introduce non-native crypto people and new entrants to the world of crypto and its possibilities in a playful fashion. Enable new users to collect a track record of attendance, participation, and contribution, stimulating them to earn more and different POAPs from other events. As the university programs have consistency and also an extensive network reach, this helps us experiment with new forms of incentives in our quest to innovate education and create ecosystem learning (introduce POAPs in the realm of education, starting in the Netherlands)

  • The collected profile full of POAPS, NFTs, governance tokens, etc., will help as a reputation mechanism for learning/participating/being active. After the courses, we aim to launch our excelling students into the realm of web3 projects. A built-up reputation, verifiable by all, will help students and partners with finding suitable matches. Their POAP collection can play a vital role there!! Display POAPS as collector items (proof of contribution, proof of attendance) via profile App - Koios. It would be an incredible sight in combination with acquired titan tokens, Titan NFTs (ETH), and Dynamic NFTs (Polygon). In other words: a unique learning profile per student based on attestations, like POAPs from us, but also from other POAP creators.

  • POAPS will act as automatically verifiable input for weekly claims. For example, each student earns claims to alter their dynamic NFT). Students and community members can prove attendance and/or contribution and claim either a trait for their dynamic NFT (Polygon) or our native governance Titan Token (Polygon), depending on the collected POAPs. The POAPs could also be a reference for future airdrops of our governance token (Titan). They will act as a requirement to earn 2 titans per week in the honors track. We won’t be handing them out without validating participation, but read more about the details per POAP request.

Utility & Method (we think…?)

  • We aim to incorporate POAPs in our web3 toolbox: different POAPs for different happenings. We aim to drop POAPs during special guest lecture events, during the titan academy (honors track for excelling students), large events (starting at The Hague University), and preferably during a weekly class as well. We want to start simple, with POAPs in the physical realm, but in due time we can expand in usecases and distribution methods as we grow into the POAP ecosystem.

  • POAP Distribution Method: Magic POAP QR Dispenser. This seems to be perfect for quickly & easily distributing POAPs during live in-person events, or even events streamed online. As our events are often physical/online/blended, we would need to test which distribution method would work best. I expect we will need some help with your experiences there :blush: (note: as mentioned, it has our preference to start with physical attendance first, but we could later expand to online/blended attendance).

Event types

We work with 4 periods per study year. The first period starts on 29 August and ends on 13 November. During each period, we have the following events that we think are suited to distribute magic in the form of POAPs. Note: the titles and descriptions need some help/love, we will eventually find a good fit for our learners.

Event type 1.Active course participation

Possible Title POAP: Student Blockchain Technology

Type: blended online/offline event (but we start with rewarding physical attendance first, later will we most likely grow into online attendance as well if we are sure the distribution systems won’t be abused by our students)

Possible Body text: the holder of this POAP has successfully participated in this week’s Blockchain Technology course. The course is at a Bachelor’s level, a collaboration between The Hague University and the Koios learning ecosystem. Requirements: pass the weekly exam, participate physically in classes, and hand-in assignments before the deadline. The progress is weekly monitored and approved by University teachers. In addition, this POAP is soulbound and will provide two claims to traits to be added to the dynamic Titan NFT.

Website: koios.world

Frequency: 6 weeks, 6 POAPs in total (distributed on Monday morning after Sunday deadlines). Not sure if we should add the week in metadata, as it provides more work but also more insight (and incentive) in the profile to collect all six POAP badges (discuss with POAP admins)

Quality control: as the POAPs will play an essential role in the learning profile, we have teaching assistants who actively monitor participation and check the distribution.


Audience range: On average, 100 persons per class.

Event type 2. Active participation in honors track (Titan Academy)

Possible Title POAP: Rising Titan

Type: blended online/offline event

Possible Body text: the holder of this POAP is a Rising Titan and has successfully participated in the Titan Academy honors track only accessible to excelling students. Rising Titans do theoretical deep dives at partner protocols and have been working on DAO-related activities. The progress is weekly monitored and approved by University teachers and KoiosDAO community members. In addition, this POAP is soulbound (Q: is non-transferable even possible?) and will provide 2 governance Titan Tokens per POAP.

Website: koios.world

Frequency: 6 weeks, 6 POAPs in total (distributed on Thursday evenings, after community calls)


Audience range: 20-30 persons (hard to estimate the popularity of this honors track atm)

Event type 3. Community meet-ups

Possible Title: Community Titan

Possible Body text: the holder of this POAP has been active as a Titan and has successfully participated in the community meet-up coordinating KoiosDAO activities. The holder has been active in POAP votings and raffles and has participated in the conversation + physically present. The participation has been monitored and approved by University teachers and leading KoiosDAO community members. The Community Titan POAPs are soulbound; three POAPs provide access to one trait in your dynamic NFT.

Frequency: most likely once a week on Thursday, continuously


Audience range: 20-30 persons (hard to estimate popularity now)

4. Guest Lecture Attendant

Possible Title: Koios Guest Lecture

Possible Body text: the holder of this POAP has successfully participated in the guest lecture hosted by The Hague University and the Koios Ecosystem. The holder has been active in POAP votings and raffles. Possibly shot in a question or two :blush: The participation has been monitored and approved by University teachers and leading KoiosDAO community members. The Koios Guest Lecture POAPs are soulbound; five POAPs provide access to one trait in your dynamic NFT.

Frequency: most likely weekly basis


Audience range: 100 persons (hard to estimate popularity now)

Event type 5. Large events (under construction, are quarterly)

Possible Title: Koios Event

Possible Body text: TBD

Frequency: Quarterly

Requirement: physical attendance, and participate in voting.


Role POAP: access to extra claim for a unique item/trait for your dynamic NFT + possible 1 Titan Token
Audience range: 200-300 persons (hard to estimate popularity now)

HELP :smiley:?!
As you might have read, we are very enthusiastic about the possibilities, but are not sure how to progress from here. Could you help us growing this seed :seedling:?


Hey @Kidsune

We REALLY appreciate your time and effort in writing this :smiley: This is amazing, we are super grateful.

We have some comments regarding your plan:

1- It’s important each POAP represents 1 event. Each performance is to be considered a separate event, which should require separate creative and copy. These are experienced by different people, at different times and in different places.

2- Artwork: Art should be cropped to a circular shape no larger than 500px in diameter. It’s important to add info to make it unique! For example, you can add the date or event number.

3- Distribution plan: how do you plan to distribute these POAPs? IMO the best option would be Mint Links + Magic Dispenser. Magic dispenser converts the unique mint links into a dynamic QR code.

Recommendation: My recommendation here is “baby steps”: start with small drops, for some events only, and check community engagement. New issuers are encouraged to execute several drops in the typical format below before taking more creative approaches.

Additionally, here you can find some useful POAP resources to read before creating your petitions:

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Thank you Fio, this is very helpful!! We’ll get to work and update the plans. We got a first test drop approved, we will use the Mint Links + Magic Dispenser. TY!

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