POAPathon Community Call June 24

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  3. Our Friday Community call
  4. degen bot, post event
  5. I’m filling in for another team member who always handles these, so it could be the number of links I requested, since the drops I usually create don’t have such high volume. If you need more info, tag me on POAPathon discord (Magdalena)

Hello team. I have not received the links nor any reply at all as to why this request was ignored, so I believe it was automatically rejected. I went through the guidelines and found 2 reasons that could be. Either our distribution method was deemed irresponsible - we use degen bot to distribute links to participants - or our event was deemed “unremarkable”.

We have always received the links for our weekly calls in the past. We create art contests to produce the artwork for these POAPs, that our community votes on, so it’s definitely not the low artwork quality of the badges.

Can you please outline the reason for rejection, so I can inform our community on behalf of the whole POAPathon team? Do you advise we should stop designing and requesting these POAPs?

Thank you.

Hey @Magdalena

It seems your post got lost, I’m sorry.

The petition was on hold because of the amount of POAPs.

Do you know how many people participated in the event?
According to the POAP issuer guidelines, for Community Calls the recommended size is 200 POAPs.