POAP <> Unitap partnership

Hi POAP community!!!
It’s Yazdani, the Co-Founder of Unitap.

Unitap is the ultimate on-ramp to Web3, empowering new users with the tools and knowledge they need to join the crypto revolution.
Unitap addresses the barrier to entry problem for new users to Web3 while simultaneously helping crypto projects to launch, develop and promote themselves more efficiently by providing access to a wide user base and promotional opportunities.

Unitap includes 6 tools and if you are curious to know what they are, please visit Unitap

The fisrt tool we launch is Gas Tap and it is a place where users can obtain a tiny amount of gas token from numerous networks in order to get a new address started. Also everyone can provide gas tokens for others.

We’re working on a leaderboard for these gas providers and we want to give them POAPs.

This is only the beginning, we’ll have a lot of gamification on Unitap and we want to use POAP for that.


You’re very much welcome; hope you can enjoy POAP as much as we do :slight_smile:

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Hey @Yazdani!
Welcome to the POAP forum :slight_smile:

POAPs are issued to preserve memorable moments. I’m not sure if the use-case you’re presenting will be approved by Curation, since it seems you want to reward engagement in your platform, instead of commemorating a meaningful moment.

I’d recommend you to check out the POAP Guidelines before submitting a POAP petition.

Let me know if you have any questions!