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POAP trying to get approval for 500 secret phrase codes for event #22302 event name [WomenTribe AMA/hangout EP2 ] been trying for 4 days to get 500 codes approved but was only approved for 50. email used was jashonmills@yahoo.com my 1st event i got 200 after requesting 200 secret phrase codes. i have made many edits per the help reps in the back office and was told to try in here. phrase will be given out in the middle of my twitter space. my 1st event was sucsessfull. in my 1st event when i gave out the phrase all 200 codes were claimed without issue. what can i do to get approved for the 500 secret phrase codes needed for my event tomorrow.

[drop on 01/12/2022]
website womentribe.art
Discord http://discord.gg/womentribe
twitter @WomenTribe_nfts

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Hey @jashonmills,
The curation body approved your event for the 200 codes over a secret word you requested. You also got your 50 mint links, that was approved earlier.

in my 1st event when i gave out the phrase all 200 codes were claimed without issue.

The problem is not about using them all up or not, it’s about giving it to people that actually attended your event. You might not be aware of the problem, but there are many people that farm POAPs. They will share it in groups or even use automated bots to mint as many as they can.
I think in relation to your community size, the amount we gave you should be enough for now.

if we use all 200 + the 50 and require more can i then request more. and this is for event#22302 because the request was for 500. but as long as i can request more if needed this will do

i saw the email it is for event #22302 so thank you. and can you tell me if i did the request right in discourse. i’m still unsure and want to make sure i do it correct next time around as we will be doing this 2 times a week until our launch on feb. 15th.

Yeah, your request looks fine.

You can of course request more, but those also need to be reviewed first.
You requested 500 mint links, you got 50. After that, you requested 200 over secret word, which you got the full amount of.

The art here is amazing