POAP Still Not Approved After 4 Days

  1. 30645
  2. We host a weekly live event called Relentless for our Badfroot community.
    Podcast (also on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc)
  3. We host a weekly live event called Relentless for our Badfroot community. We use POAPs as a thank you “ticket stub” for every community member who attends. We’ve been doing this for over a month without trouble.
  4. We have a secret, temporary Discord channel that I open up for a few minutes during the live event to ensure only people in the space know the channel and the code to enter. Then I manually DM each person who entered the code in that channel.
  5. I’m not sure why this hasn’t gone through, we’ve been doing this for weeks and it’s definitely not because of low quality artwork.

If there’s a way to get on a whitelist for future drops it would be very helpful. Just let me know what you would need from me!

:wave: @spyr

Unfortunately, your drop has been reviewed with negative results.

This is an example of engagement farming. Farmers (People who are only after free POAPs)
This is pure POAP Farmer bait. They will raid your AMA of
POAP codes. Farmers add zero value for your community & hurt the health of POAP community.

For Twitter AMAs we currently insist that issuers utilize POAP secret-word with a claim window limited to 15-20 minutes

For discord drops please review the following →

Please take sometime to get acquainted with the DeGen Discord Bot

POAP Resources: POAP Help Center
Additionally this → Community made resource: POAP-Master-Class may help your familiarity with different use cases in the future.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Currently, using our 3 minute claim window we have right around 30 people from within our community who are waiting on this POAP. No farming due to our process. Is it possible to push this one through? I’ll be sure he doesn’t promote them in this way moving forward.

I’m sorry but the Curation Body already made a negative review.

For future drops, we suggest reading the POAP Quality guidelines :slight_smile: Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops - #6

Looking forward to reviewing your future petitions.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body