POAP raffle questions

Hi team POAP,
Just a few questions I have re: the POAP raffle functionality please:

  • Are they approved sparingly? Assuming to keep those for more iconic events?

  • Can they be fitted retroactively? For example, could you make an announcement that anyone holding a POAP from 3 months ago is now in the draw for a special giveaway this the POAP raffle system?

  • What are the steps to create a raffle? Do you need to create a standard event first and then link it to the “create raffle” button form https://poap.fun/raffle/new?

  • How are winners notified? I saw on an example I found off twitter that there’s a raffle leaderboard but assuming the onus would be on the issuer to communicate with its audience to check the leaderboard and then the winner/s has to get in touch via the “Winner? Contact raffle organiser” button I saw on the example? Or is there a way to notify via email?

Thank you!

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Hello Glo.
There’s more info about POAP fun in the Help center:

Specially in this article: How Do I Set Up a POAP.fun Raffle? | POAP Help Center

Please check it out and follow up on intercom if you have further questions.