POAP Participants Community Pledge


I would like to propose the following optional community pledge to do our best. :mechanical_arm:

The POAP Participants Community Pledge is an experiment in shared community responsibility. :black_nib:

The purpose of this pledge is to promote positive and productive participation among POAP pals.

As a community I believe it is our responsibility to ensure that all individuals existing & experimenting within our ecosystem are treated respectfully. We must set the expectations that participation in POAP means treating the community and the POAP Curation body as well any contributors to POAP Inc. with patience, respect and most importantly kindness.

I, _____________ pledge to do my best.

Please see the pledge form to support this sentiment. This is completely optional and is not binding on any planet or alternate universe.

Optional Only Pledge Form - There are no required fields on this form.

Thank you for your time and attention :heart:
:blue_heart: :unicorn:


I have an update on this pledge.

50+ people have submitted the pledge form!

This is very exciting to have 50 people who want to do their best.

In the spirit of doing our best, I have examined the art I made for this Pledge and I feel it is missing the “Community” piece of the intention. I see three main possible resolutions:

  1. As a community we submit and vote on pieces of art to represent this pledge.

  2. During the next POAP community call, I will make a piece of art from directly listening to the community call.

  3. We use the piece I created for the time being.

I look forward to discussing this with anyone interested in this endeavor. For the time being, the plan may be 2 - I’ll plan to create something based on the next time we all meet together.

Thank you for your time and attention POAP community :tada: Have a wonderful day!

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