POAP not approved #26252

Hello, I’m looking to see the status of number 26252 POAP. I received correspondence from Frankie last week but when I tried to reply, the case was closed.

He said that one of my drops got a negative review but I would not have problems with future approvals if I did not participate in engagement farming (I didn’t realize that we could not engage new followers with project education through poaps).

Can you approve my new POAP for tommorow? I lessened the amount and understand the rules.

I wrote to Frankie the following, can you pass it on?

Frankie, Got it! I’m sorry I didn’t realize we couldn’t use the POAP to engage new followers. I thought farming was giving the code and letting it be a free for all.

I actually engage and dm with each person. And now have a lot of new great friends who want to know about the LGBTQ project. It’s been positive, but understand your rules better with this explanation.

Have you considered a membership fee option for different uses?

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Thank you for you message!!
Happy to help provide you with any info you need for drops!.
Thanks for the feedback! I will pass it on to the POAP team.

I will let you know the review results of this drop shortly.

All the best
The POAP Curation Body

Thank you Frankie! I really appreciate it.


Closing out this petition

Unfortunately curation reviewed this drop petition with negative results.

This was addressed in a recent petition.