Poap mint link not generated

  1. Drop ID - #48969
  2. Community information
    website - https://aarna.finance/
    twitter - https://twitter.com/aarnasays
  3. Nature of the event
    consensus X aarnâ
    • It’s an in person meet up at consensus 22 Austin,Tx. We are giving out a POAP to each person that shows a keen interest in our platform.
      Intent here is to commemorate the meeting and share the memory as a NFT in this case a POAP.
  4. Distribution plan
    we will be sending out individual emails to users with their respective poap mint links.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    we already had created an event which was approved for 100 mint links. we had received them. but later we wanted to change the artwork only, since we can’t edit the artwork we had to create a new event. we kept all other details same and changed the artwork. the artwork has significant change.
    older event id - #48759
    the new drop has not been approved.

Hey @Sai_1503

Thanks for your patience.
It seems it’s a past event now…
Do you have any contact info of the people who showed a keen interest in your platform?

Hey @Fio

yes we have the contacts and need to send out poap mint links to them soon. Please help in approving this drop.

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