POAP ID#22103 Drop 1/12/22 POAP.web Request #community

Good Afternoon!

I would like to make a drop request for my upcoming event "New Collectors Presents “Intro to NFTs and Web3” on Wednesday 1/12/22.

New Collectors aims to onboard art lovers, creatives, and collectors to the emerging world of Web 3. We are redefining gallery spaces and the way art will be consumed, shared, and collected, making the NFT space more diverse and inclusive.

I am looking to start using the website delivery method for my POAP distribution. I have been minting POAPs since October and would love to step up the way I distribute POAPs.

My primary focus is onboarding people to Web3 and NFTs, being able to use the POAP.web method would streamline the process and make for a better first experience when I am showcasing the platform.

Thank you for your time! I am excited to continue community building with POAP!


Thanks! Positive review granted.

Please tag this into the #community category.

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Thank you I just made the category change.

I appreciate the prompt response