POAP for WoW x NFC


This year, our NFT project World of Women will be exhibited at the Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon, where we will also be talking on a panel.
To celebrate, we decided to create a beautiful POAP that you can see here: POAP
We would love to have it approved so we can create a QR code that will be displayed and that redirect people to it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Hey @yen

Nice use case! We’re happy to check on the status of your petition.

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

Hello @fiorescan

I just got it approved, but I also got 3000 individual links… So I can’t put it as a QR code and print it nicely on the wall as planned for everyone to scan it.
Why is it done like this? What am I supposed to do with 3000 individual links please? Can’t I have just 1 claim page so that I can do my QR code and everyone attending the event can claim it?

Thank you

Hey @yen

You requested mint links, that’s why you received 3000 unique codes. You could use the magic dispenser, which allows you to distribute with a dynamic QR code:

Let us know if that could work! :slight_smile: