POAP For Substack Subscribers Delivery Method?

Hi Guys, I am rebranding my substack and would love to give POAP to my subscribers, so I know the OGs.
I know Bankless did something like that. What would you recommend as the best delivery?
I have their email addresses, not ETH addresses. Also, will it be approved if it is over 1K?

Thank you


Hey @BoredApeGang

Happy New Year! :dizzy:
POAP for subscribers isn’t a use-case POAP supports, since it usually attracts farmers (if farmers realize you’re giving a POAP for being a subscriber, they will just subscribe to receive the POAP). It’s not healthy for your community, or the POAP ecosystem. The Bankless POAP drop was for paid subscriptions; that was the way they prevented farming.

We could suggest you use POAP Checkout, it’s a new tool you can use to charge money for POAPs. POAP Checkout will help you disincentivize malicious farmers from trying to claim your POAPs, and you can also raise funds from it.

Let us know if you have any questions!

All the best,