POAP for podcasts

We’ve recently been seeing an influx of POAP for podcasts and Youtube recorded streams, and wanted to open up the discussion on the best way to execute on this form of drop.

  • While Secrets would generally be the obvious solution, the risk of leaking is near-guaranteed for pre-recorded media.

I’m thinking “share on Twitter with something you learned and tag us” coupled with a private DM distribution could work, but I’d love to hear other ideas.


Great question!
We’ve done in the past the following :

  1. form to be shared live (Twitter Space) and link open for submitting lasting 2 to 3 days
  2. Done some cleaning
  3. Twitter DM the ones with proper answer in the form.

Example here

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I just made one Twitter Space. I like your way. How do you do that?

Yeah… I like the idea tbh.

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I hope the team considers allowing the secret word for recorded POAPs. I am working with a Pro Wrestling and MMA website to create POAPs for their community and onboard a new group of participants. The audience is still very unaware of POAPs and web3 in general. For a user base like this, having the ability to go to the POAP app and enter the keyword provides the lowest amount of friction for onboarding new users.

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