POAP event IDs: 24082, 24083 & 24084 // drop date: 23-01-2022

We are an NFT project called Stoned Tigers. We’re trying to engage the community more and decided to organise a game in our Discord server. It’s gonna be an online battle of Poketwo, which we named “Pokemon Tournament” and so far we have 9 members who are interested and will play tomorrow.
The prize for the 1st place is a whitelist spot + special POAP, while the 2nd and the 3rd place will both just get their own POAP. We plan to distribute them after the game is finished to the winners through Discord direct messages, as we’ve done in the past. I ordered 2 copies of each POAP just in case 1 of them doesn’t work.
It’s been over 24 hours and I haven’t got my codes yet, I am worried I won’t get them in time :frowning: Thank you so much!

Hey, thanks for saying something!

I’ve given the petition a positive review. This was a somewhat contentious case: on the one hand, its clearly a collective memory (which is what POAP was built to commemorate), while on the other, giving POAPs out as prizes sometimes runs the grey area. There are a lot of places where the curation body doesn’t have a fully clear policy, and cases in this area tend to drop into the cracks - no excuses, but speaking up absolutely helps us get these resolved.

Please enjoy your drop :slight_smile:

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Thank you a lot for your help :pray: I got the codes :grin: I was starting to panic thinking I would have to cancel our attempt to bring people closer and have fun together :sweat_smile:
I didn’t thought about it that way but now I understand and totally agree! We will not be giving POAPs as prizes anymore, instead we might give a POAP to everyone who comes and participates!
Thank you for the enlightenment :slight_smile: Have a great Sunday, Isabel :blush: