POAP Event IDs: 21892 -#21891 and #21896

21892 Unstoppable Domains a Lesson in Patience Event. A POAP for rewarding Community Members for participating in our workshop on Web3 patience. This event discussed the time required for mass adoption and our strategies to get there!
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21891 Community Booster Events. This one was created for a game session created and played on our socials. The purpose was team/trust building, trivia and networking in the space. These events are ongoing in our telegram and discord channels. We have game sessions running always and top scores earn POAPs for engagement. Manual Distribution Its difficult to get those top scores! We manually give these out to top participants throughout the week.

21896 Good Idea POAP- We give these POAPs to community members who message or email us with valuable feedback or ideas on how we can improve our plans for web3 or integrations. We give these out very selectively. Good idea POAPs are only given to those that have an actionable idea that devs implement in some way. These are distributed manually.


We give all of our POAPs out manually.



Hey, i see that your event 21896 got a positive review, but the other 2 got declined.

I think some more information could help the curation body to understand your events better.

About 21892

  • Where did that workshop take place ?
  • It’s a past event, it seems like. How are you going to distribute these now ?

About 21891

  • Can you link to that game session ?
  • Again, how are you distributing these ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Done and done! All of our evens are virtual! Sorry! Forgot to add that!

Hey, i see that your requests got positively reviewed ! :slight_smile:

Yes thank you! Appreciate you guys so much! I accidentally deleted my first reply, but I want to let you know I appreciate your hard work! I also have a question. We are starting weekly Twitter Spaces AMAs with NFT projects and new partners. Do you think it’s better to create a custom POAP for each one, or a catch all and print lots of codes?

You would need to create a separate event for each one. But you don’t need to use a fully custom artwork each time, you can just add a date and maybe a title to your artwork and switch that up for each AMA you are holding :slight_smile:

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Hello. This is so trivial but I wanted to reach out. We give POAPs to our twitter spaces listeners manually. Usually, we give out as many as we can during the live call because we want to reward participation. We usually put in the tweet thread that POAPs will be given to some listeners as a thank you, so make sure they check their inboxes. This last week someone saw that comment in the thread and asked for a POAP days after the event was over. I let him know that we only give out POAPs manually during the event. Apologized for “missing” him, and let him know that we would look out for him in future Twitter Space Events. He then got angry and let me know he would be filing a formal complaint because he didn’t get one. I let him know that we give them out to as many people as possible. Apologized again, and let him know that we can’t answer and respond to every DM asking for POAPs. (He messaged me MANY times) Essentially he threw a tantrum and claimed he reported me to POAP. So I wanted to let you guys know what happened. We are following the protocol.

Meissa Cyrus

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Hey @Melissa,
No worries, it was just a farmer that desperately wanted to get a POAP. It’s totally your thing to whom you are distributing your POAPs (as long as it goes to actual people participating in your event).

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