POAP Event ID #39554, Minting on ETH instead of xDAI costs 0.1E+gas?

Hi POAP support team, I am reaching out with regards to migrating/minting the POAP on the ETH network instead of leaving it on the xDAI network.

After reading the FAQs on the POAPs, specifically on the part to see it on Etherscan and OpenSea: “As Etherscan and OpenSea can only show what’s on the Ethereum Mainnet, you won’t be able to see your POAP collection unless you migrate it to Mainnet (by paying the gas fees).”

One of my attendees for the event receive the POAP and minted it on ETH, following my instructions that there is no cost other than gas fees to migrate to the Mainnet. However, he got a shock that the eventual payment cost 0.1E + gas. Could you please look into this issue? Why would migrating the POAP from xDAI to ETH actually cost 0.1E on top of the gas paid? There is some inconsistency here regarding the information about migrating the POAP onto Mainnet. Please clarify. Thank you.