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This is a community that is being born in the context of NFT week Mexico City but aims at a global audience later on. Currently, we are planning to use this POAP to give to a selected few and start recruiting.

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NFT week CDMX marks the genesis of a movement in Mexico City that hopefully will trigger a digital art movement locally. We want to commemorate this moment and pick people with shared interests to build together a gated community of digital thinkers and tie it to our brand [UNBRANDED]

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F2F interviews and we will distribute t-shirts with the QR code of the POAP website URL screen printed on them, so this is why we are trying to create 1 unique claim URL (but only through F2F interviews so there won’t be a way to be abused)

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We understand the recommendation is to distribute this POAP would be through unique links, but since we are screen printing, this becomes impossible for us (different screen prints for different QR codes would be way too expensive).

Thank you

Hello @allyourbase

Are the QR codes printed directly on the shirt or can you do something like print an individual QR code on a sticker that is placed on the shirt?

So what we want to protect is the quality of the final product so it will be made with a printing technique that requires a screen per design, and we would like to keep this silent launch on budget

Hello @allyourbase

The potential issue with using one QR code is that people who dont own the product would be able to scan the QR code and claim a POAP that they would not otherwise be eligible for.

Hello we’ve decided to use the kiosk and show the QR directly from my phone to the selected few.

Can we request this feature for the same ID? We’d need about 100 codes.

Thanx again

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Hello @allyourbase

Navigate here: POAP - The bookmarks of your life
and request more codes using your edit code

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