Poap Drop Approval with several eventId

  1. Drop ID

  2. Community information
    Our Official Website : http://utopianft.club/

Our Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/Utopia_family

Our Official Opensea : https://opensea.io/collection/utopia-club

Utopia NFT club is an exclusive close-knit community, a melting pot of influential people in Indonesia’s NFT scene with various backgrounds: from degens to investors, celebrities to entrepreneurs, and web2 to web3 professionals that connect to conventional brands and global web3 projects.

Embracing the nature of decentralization, we operate in holacracy management where every working group has a self-organizing system and a decision made by activism with non-hierarchy, consensus, and collectivism values.

Our Vision: To be the most respectful and influential web3 community in Asia, a melting pot of the best talent and network in the space where collaborations are made.

  1. Nature of the event
    Utopia Blok:verse is where all Web3 beginners, enthusiasts, innovators and professionals gather,

Explore web3 and experience its innovation from the finest of web3 space locally and internationally,

Widen the audiences and breach between Web2 - Web3 audiences,

  1. Distribution plan
    so the event would be divided into 14 session, each session would represent 1 poap drops.

POAP collecting for all the audience and participant and they can trade their POAP for prizes based on number of POAP that they acquire,

Also introducing the technology itself to the Web2 audience with a fun challenging way.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    The petition is being held because, to crosscheck the credentials so it can be utilize for sincere greater good and example,

Showing that the objective, truly for educating as well,

Hello @ramadhanakhri
when is this event?

hey @julie, the event would be held 22 Nov 2023

Hello @ramadhanakhri

Why are there so many POAPs needed if this is one event?

@julie we expected to have 10.000 attendants for the events. so we made an estimation for each session. the poap is for attending each session, there would be 14 session in 1 event

Hello @ramadhanakhri
is this an in real life event?
how are you going to distribute the mint links?

the session it self would be held in separated rooms

@julie yes, this is the real life event, we are going to distribute using the mint link thats why we really need to be approved before the D-Day.
we actually have made our own claiming page
so user will only need to enter their ethereum wallet address, exactly like claiming via POAP - The bookmarks of your life

Hello @ramadhanakhri

do you have API keys?

yes we do have the api keys, and also generate the token bearer for this.
you can take a look our claiming page, i can explain how claiming mechanism works in our apps. here is one of the example of the claiming links for 1 session

Hello @ramadhanakhri

Thank you for the context the Curators will be reviewing this ASAP - please stand by in case they have questions that I can ask you here

sure, thanks for helping! :slight_smile:
if this help process everything faster, i can go with 500 mint links for each event id :slight_smile:

Hello @ramadhanakhri

is this event only the one day on the 22nd?

no, the first session would be held on 22nd, the rest would be following within the weeks. the final day would be on 26th

Hello @ramadhanakhri

where is this being held?
do people have to pay for a ticket to gain entry to the event?

what are the social media pages for the event?

the event would be held in Jakarta Convention Center Indonesia. the event is free to come but the session is paid. 1 ticket for whole session. and then they can choose which session is match their curiosity and desire about web3.0

Hello @ramadhanakhri

can you post the social media page(s) for this event?

this is the social media specific about our event

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Hello @ramadhanakhri

are these booths or are they live talking sessions people can attend?