POAP Distribution with DEGEN

Hello everyone! I manage the DEGEN Workgroup that produces the bot that distributes POAPs. DEGEN works to record attendance in Discord voice and Stage channels during events and distributes POAPs automatically upon ending the events. We are currently working with community managers to get more communities onboarded with DEGEN to support POAP distribution and fight scammers and spammers.

Current communities that utilize DEGEN include, but are not limited to, SushiSwap, PoolTogether, Zapper, BanklessDAO, and numerous others.

If you are interested in getting set up with DEGEN, come join our Product Support Discord server and pop into the #get-degen channel. We’ll be onboarding new communities as quickly as we can manage.

Thank you so much for your drive to make the most of the Proof-of-Attendance Protocol! The DEGEN Workgroup is here to support the mission, support DAOs, protocols, and other community organizations in and around crypto, and look forward to working with you to continue to build and grow.


Hey – how would this work with twitter spaces?


It seems like the DEGEN discord bot has been capped at 100 instances. From the Product support server:

“”@DEGENerates We are currently at the 100 server max for servers imposed by Discord! We are awaiting Discord’s approval of the verification status and will be able to allow new invites again soon!""

nonsensetwice can you please check @habitnest question? :pray:

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Hi @habitnest! We’re currently working on a reflow for the Twitter Spaces distribution function. Unfortunately, Twitter’s API is extremely limiting in how we can approach distribution, which means that we’ve had to work through numerous concepts to find a flow that won’t get the DEGEN application on Twitter banned. Super tricky stuff. The current flow we have is fairly complicated, and Twitter ends up capping distribution at close to 100 POAPs. Not ideal for larger Spaces.

If you’re active in our Product Support Center, you’ll be in a prime position to learn when the flow goes live, as well as have access to materials to learn how it will work. If you’re not, you can find the link above in the announcement message :+1:


Hi @nonsensetwice,

I’m Guanny.

Thank you for creating the useful bot for POAP dropping!

I want to use the bot in our discord community, however, I can’t find #get-degen channel in the discord server.

And I also ask some questions in a new topic here.

It will be grateful if you can reply. :pray:

Hi @guanny! I’m no longer working with the DEGEN team. They’ve opted to go their own way, and have created a separate support server for DEGEN. If you’re interested in inviting the bot to your server, you can find an invite to that new server in the product-support-alert-system under the Welcome category. If you scroll up a bit, you’ll see it there. Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the kindly reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

I like poap and hope all platform use poap for community ama