POAP.delivery approval for event #26894

Hi all, waiting for approval for my poap.delivery.

Event is # 26894

Been waiting about 24 hours and the discord peeps are getting frothy :slight_smile: Approval would be much appreciated!

Delivery link is this: https://poap.delivery/bridgeworld-mushrohms

Our POAP is to commemorate the bridging of our Mushrohm NFT from Eth Mainnet to Arbitrum. Thanks,


Hey @nenpools!

Could you please provide more information on what your Community is doing? If you have any links, socials, or more event info, it would be most appreciated.

The POAP Curation Body

Of course! We are a fungi-loving NFT community working with Olympus DAO and Treasure DAO. This POAP is to commemorate the bridging of our NFT from Eth Mainnet to Arbitrum. Here’s a link to our twitter: https://twitter.com/mushrohms

Any updates on this? Thanks!

Sorry but we need some more time information before making a final decision about your petition and given that you have already received a positive review for 160 mint links (that would be +1100 POAPs and it’s a huge amount).

Can you please clarify on how you collected the addresses for the delivery?

The POAP Curation Body

Ok yeah, we collected the addresses with an airtable form within the Odyssey Olympus discord. So we’re fairly certain all the whitelist addresses are legitimate people since they would have to verify within the discord to access the form.

Hey @nenpools,

The Curation Body made a negative review of your delivery petition. This is a clear case of engagement farming:

POAPs as a reward for promotional activities (like generic social media engagement, or simply joining a community) are usually rejected. Please read more about the subject on our Quality Guidelines:

The POAP Curation Body

OK, well that’s frustrating. So you’re denying me this POAP then? There’s no way to get this approved?

Hey, I’m afraid not.
You’re welcome to use POAP for future events, but please read the Quality Guidelines first, as we do not allow POAPs as a reward for promotional activities.

The POAP Curation Body.