POAP Delivery Approval - 39090

Event ID: 39090


We were celebrating a milestone hit from mining in our discord based game - the crecoland mines. Collectively everyone hit 100k.

After learning more about POAP distribution methods I think POAP delivery would be best, I created a delivery and entered all 2500 addresses who took part. So it’s a snapshot in a way. Hoping for them to come to the poap link: https://poap.delivery/crecoland100kmines with their address and claim their fun POAP.

I’m not too sure what the hold up is, I haven’t received any emails to the best of my knowledge and being new to POAP it’s been a bit overwhelming wrapping by head around this all but I’m getting there. It’s also been launch week of Crecodiles so I have been very busy with that.

Any help in steering this across the finish line would be hugely appreciated.

Hey @doodler

Sorry, for some reason your post was flagged and it didn’t appear here on Discourse.
How did you collect the addresses for this drop? Who is eligible to get it?

We noted there are 1,6K owners of the Crecodiles

Hey @Fio

Thanks for the reply!

Yes we have 1600 holders of Crecodile NFTs, these are separate.

The Crecoland mines are a discord game and a way to earn dust on our discord server. Dust is just a local social currency used within our community, not an erc20 token.

It was free to participate once you were verified with an eth address through our website/discord server so this is how we collected addresses.

Hope this makes sense, thanks!

Hey @doodler

The POAP Curation Body negatively reviewed your petition since it doesn’t quite comply with the POAP Quality Guidelines.

The copy does not reflect the significance of the occasion being commemorated and there’s no website linked to the petition. As a general rule of thumb, you should include all the information you can (website or social media links are super important). The more info Curators have, the easier is to review and validate the petitions.

For future drops: please get in touch with the POAP Customer Support team, they will help you steer across the finish line.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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