POAP Community Code of Conduct

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Interacting with Curators

If your petition has received a negative review, or seems to be stuck in review with no clear resolution in sight, contacting the POAP Curation Body on this forum is the best way to drive a resolution. Here are some tips on how to conduct the conversation.

  • Present the requested information concisely: Curators are responsible for confirming that drops comply with POAP Curation Body policy. Trying to argue about whether or not they need the information requested is not likely to result in a favorable outcome.
  • Treat Curators with respect: The POAP Curation Body reviews between 1000 and 2000 petitions daily. Personal attacks or accusations will not be tolerated. Legitimate complaints about the behavior of Curators should be documented and sent to curation@poap.io.
  • Assume good-will: The POAP Curation Body aims to help everyone using the protocol in good faith to get their drop done. The work isn’t easy. Please behave accordingly.
  • Practice de-escalation: Conflict between issuers and curators should be approached with an eye towards reaching mutual understanding and resolving the issue. When making your case, seek to refute the central point of the argument factually. Escalating the conflict (eg. ad-hominem attacks, attempting to pressure Curators by litigating the situation in a public forum) will lead Curators to close the petition without further appeal.

Wondering why you were banned?

POAP does not take bans lightly. If you were caught breaking one of our rules or suspected of farming or otherwise abusing the POAP protocol, you will be banned with little chance of redemption. POAP is heavily invested in maintaining the integrity of the protocol and protecting against those who would seek to devalue the meaning of the memories recorded here.

Didn’t read our rules before? See them below:

  • Treat everyone in this space with respect. This includes all POAP team members, issuers, collectors, and new users just looking for a bit of help. Do not be rude to your community.

  • No spamming on any of our platforms for any reason. This includes:

  • Requesting POAPs.

  • Repeated requests for code approvals with little/no change between requests.

  • Sharing POAP mint codes/links.

  • advertising or otherwise trying to garner traction for your project.

  • Do not post your private keys or provide wallet access to anyone on any of these platforms. This will not result in a ban but will surely result in having your funds drained very quickly. We (the POAP team) will never ask for access to your wallet. If someone from one of the POAP communities is asking you for access to your wallet, please report them to one of the POAP admins on the respective platform immediately.

  • Do not ask for another user’s private keys or for access to their wallet. This is an instant ban.

  • Do not impersonate any member of the POAP team. This is an instant ban.

Don’t think you’ve broken any of these rules?

You can submit an appeal using the form below. Requesting an appeal without first reviewing the rules above is not recommended.

Appeal bans here

The POAP Curation Body


Thank you. Got it. Makes sense.


Got it. We all really should do like that. Tkank you.

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Thank you for this easy to understand guide .

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Okay, thanks for the guidelines.

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Thanks for guidelines.

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Gotcha, will follow these.

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Thank you, will follow all the rules.


This is very helpful!

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Thanks for the information. Will do

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Thank you for this. Appreciate the detailed rules.

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Thank you for setting the code of conduct for everyone. This is community

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I agree with these code of conduct rules. Can someone help me, I think I have been blacklisted from the website and I am not able to get any POAPs now. Can someone point me in the direction on where I can get some assistance?

Hey @Dalia

Please contact the Customer Support team, using the chat bubble at the right corner of the forum.


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