Poap claim no poap for attendence

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I get upset when i attend the event but do not get a poap, and i am very sure many others agree with me on this aswell.

I know there are many distribution methods but this does upset me as i wait for 3 hours in a twitter spaces and do not receive the poap that i want, when i complete the steps in order to get one.

He said: ‘DM me the code and i will send you the link’ so i did and shortly after that he said: “There were 400 people in the call” and 1100 people DM’d him.

My friend got one but i did not ? how cool is that when i said there"s an event tonight of this POAP.

This happened so many times already … 2 - 3 hours of waiting i can go attend other events or do so many other things … im not just a collector after all, i attend events of the one’s specifically that i want.

There should be a way to CONFIRM that you are in the space/event, because like this it’s very usual that it will get farmed or claimed by people who do not attend the Space.

I have " missed " 2 poaps today that i specifically wanted and i did not get it.

And there’s no turning back to it, you either get one or you don"t.

There are many good distribution methods but some just have to be deleted i.m.o to prevent the farming because this is not nice …

Thank you for your time and i hope this will be changed in the future.

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Hey! Thanks for your support :purple_heart:

We are building POAP for literally every human to preserve their memories. The POAP curation team makes thoughtful reviews of all the POAP drops and will adjust the policy with the objective of keeping POAP being a healthy, friendly and joyful ecosystem.

While we understand that everyone is excited to get POAPs and be involved in the POAP ecosystem, spamming requests for codes, secret words, or direct links to claim POAPs for events people did not attend, will no longer be tolerated.

We are working hard to create a more secure, user-friendly, and reliable product.

Thanks for your message :pray:
The POAP Curation Body

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Dear friend, @WeLovePoap

I am saddened by this and I’d like to send you one of my POAPs because you are genuine. It might not be a big deal but I still feel you deserve something . I thank you for the informative issue for this has happened to me a few times as well, so I know the feeling.

Please accept this POAP on behalf of Tiggy Technology™

Please email me now for code @ TiggyTech™
Thank You for being a POAP lover.

Tiggy Tech™


Yes it’s very frustrating, and i appreciate your time being here spending time to write this and even give me a poap ?

That’s amazing of you !

I hope i can help you out in the future aswell im working on something right now and it takes alot of time but when it’s done i will give you my poap too on the launch of the event !

Thank you so much <3


Hey buddy @WeLovePoap Please email me your info so that I can send you the POAP I have for you. Im new here as well, and I cannot find how to contact you other than here, lol. I do not want others claiming it so its in email. TiggyTechnology@gmail.com
Thank you for your kind words as well, we shall link POAP up or build a collaboration when we are ready and it will be great!

Thank You :slight_smile: