Poap approval request - #44180 - Highlanders POAP - Clan

as i explained i cannot give only 25 to my members and then be like oh sorry let me get some more. ok, i understand, can ivget 250 and then as more WHEN i run out because i know i will.

as i explain to herfue and to you too if i remember correctly, the poap will be given to everyone attending to our AMA with the founder of clan network (and keytango btw).
we partnered up with several communities so this AMA will have a lot of participates, communities like $scrt, luna, atom, and more.

if i can get 250 so i can start giving them away and then ask for the rest that will be amazing.
if you could explain please how i ask for more because i understood from harfue i just need to make a new request that would help me a lot too.


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hey Fio, sorry for spamming but i am stuck and waiting for your respond please.
if you need to me to request for an increase can you please guide me how to? i understood you want me to re-make a request and thats what i did.

Hey @CryptOAV

Is the AMA a past event now?
How did you track attendance?

For a top-up, go to the POAP admin panel and request a top-up from the button on the right corner. You will need the edit code (it was sent in the confirmation email).

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

hello, based on a role we gave to listeners.
yes the AMA took place already and we plan on having the exact same for members that missed the first one due to time zone difference

thanks for your explanation, is it possible please to get at least the first 100-200 so i can start giving them away while waiting for the rest to follow?


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hey, sorry for the reping but im still waiting for a response…

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Hey @CryptOAV
I’m confused, sorry.

How did you give a Role on Discord to the people who participated in the Twitter Space?

A POAP is a digital collectible, minted in celebration of life’s remarkable moments. Each POAP is a gift from an issuer to collectors, in celebration of a shared moment in time. Here you can check the POAP Quality Guidelines.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

yes i am aware of what are the poaps, we gave the role by crossing between twitter profiles and discord profiles during the AMA, i hosted the AMA and had a list of all the participants, then gave them the role and now just waiting to get the poaps to give it to them.
long process but the only solution to know who is on twitter.
now i already know how to recognise my community twitter profiles so its easier for future events.

thanks a lot
if it possible to get those 200 poaps to give them away after a very long time and huge late it i will be amazing.

thanks a lot


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בתאריך יום ב׳, 30 במאי 2022, 14:10, מאת Yoav erez ‏<yoyoerez115@gmail.com>:

Hey @CryptOAV

I’m sorry but we can’t make a positive review of this petition for the reasons I mentioned above.
You can request a top-up petition once you’ve distributed the POAPs, since Curators want to check the quality of your distribution.

Let us know if you have further questions.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

fio you didnt refuse to the request if you read our chat youll see that you approved it but only for 25 for the argument that this is my first POAP creation, which is not.

if the main argument of first poap creation (its hte third) isnt valid, why cant i get the requested amount like it happened every time in the past…?


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hello fio, i am sorry for being annoying but i feel a bit unrespected here.
you said the reason i get 25 and not 200 is due to the fact its my first poapµ
i proved to you it is not so there is not reason for me to get 25 and not 200 if thats your argument.
i am in this poap creation process for over 2month now with no answer for the first 3weeks at all
i showed you that 25 poaps sadly are completely useless to me as i need to give to 200 participants and i find myself repinging you and begging for an answer.

if the reason for getting 25 and not 200 is first poap like you said and you can see in our thread, there is not reason for me to get 25 then.

thanks a lot, sorry for this message but please try to understand my position, i know you are very very busy but the past one never took so long ( and yes i am aware that it is also my fault for doing the petition wrongly in the first time).

thanks a lot

Yoav J Erez

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Hey @CryptOAV
Thanks for your patience.

I see you haven’t distributed the first 25 POAPs.
Please select the top 25 members of your community and once we see a responsible distribution, we can consider a new petition for more POAPs.

as i explained to you fio i cannot give only 25 because it will be useless, i had 200 listeners and i need to give it to them at once i do not want to give 25 and say oh sorry guys we gotta wait, it looks unprofessional.
please Fio i really do not understand what is happening here, every time you say something else and change your explanation for why you are not giving me the requested 200.
it was at first - first poap - false, its my third
now i need to use them first? - cant i want to do a distribution day.

please its been 2 month for 1 poap, the poap i did in the past took 2weeks and less.

may i please get my 200 so i can distribute it to their legible owners in a month and a half delay?


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hello fio, sorry for spamming you, i am still waiting for your answer please.


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Hello Fio, what is happening? Is that a way to handle things? This is just a disrespecti to me , the poap concept and yourself.

בתאריך יום ג׳, 14 ביוני 2022, 13:53, מאת Yoav erez ‏<yoyoerez115@gmail.com>:

Hey @CryptOAV

POAP is an ecosystem for the preservation of memories. POAPs can be issued for memorable events, but it’s important you can explain:

  • The nature of the event: why this is memorable for you and your community.
  • How do you plan to distribute the POAPs.
  • How do you verify participation.

Please review your petition. It’s still unclear:

  • What’s the event about: was this an AMA or “a badge of honor given to members of the clan who have achieved their needed tasks”?

  • Which are the “needed tasks”?

  • How do you plan to distribute the POAPs

My recommendation is to submit a brand new petition, since the last one was rejected because it doesn’t comply with the POAP Quality Guidelines.

Fio i am sorry but are you serious?? We’ve been through this 50 times you approved it already and limited me for 25 as a"first poap has to be small" explanation, i explained to you that this is my third one and you just disappeared.

Please dont mock me fio this is really bot professional ive been chasing you over 3month for nothing.

בתאריך יום ג׳, 28 ביוני 2022, 16:53, מאת Fio via POAP Issuers ‏<notifications@poap.discoursemail.com>:

Hey @CryptOAV

I’m closing this thread, since you’re not answering the questions.

We only see 3 petitions with your email:

#38925 was rejected
#42909 was approved for 25 POAPs
#44180 was rejected

So it’s only one drop (not 3 as you mention) for 25 POAPs that haven’t been distributed yet.

You’re welcome to use POAP for future events, but please review the quality guidelines. Let us know if you have any questions.