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There seems to be some confusion with the POAP team on PREMINT. PREMINT is an on-chain whitelisting tool. I am recently having A LOT of trouble getting POAPs released and I am getting different information from staff on guidelines and approvals. I truly understand the importance of keeping POAPs in the right hands. POAPs rely on the notion of intrinsic value and if they are mass distributed to the wrong people. They have no value at all. This idea is the basis of my entire personal ethos. To keep POAPs safe we purchased PREMINT. When we have a live workshop or AMA, or YOUtube event we require 4 things.

  1. The PREMINT form (on chain) MUST be filled out during the live event itself. The form closes when the event ends.

  2. We require a PASSWORD or Question given ONLY during the live event to complete the form to request the POAP.

  3. To complete the request they must connect their wallet and through collabland be a member of our discord with an engagement level higher than 5.

  4. We collect the ETH address to issue the POAPs through POAP.DELIVERY.

My requests for POAPs for live events are currently taking HOURS out of my days. I am still waiting on approval for poap delivery on last week’s workshop. This week I requested 250 codes for our workshop 4 and I was given 50, no reason given. I changed the art even though I asked previously and art for a series could be reused. (Our community members make the POAP art and winners are chosen by the community) We use that design for the 6 week series as part of a prize.

Keeping POAP hunters OUT OF MY COMMUNITY is 100% my goal. I want the POAPs to go to engaged community members who deserve them. I do NOT allow marketing to use POAPs to market. I am very very strict on POAPs. I REALLY want to continue using POAPs they are a big part of our community, but the hassle for me recently is taking so much of my time, and I feel that it is unnecessary given the precautions I have taken to distribute responsibly. What I currently need it

The reason we choose poap.delivery and PREMINT together is because it is THE MOST secure way that I can create and distribute POAPs within our community, Currently I am waiting on…

#31289 Workshop #3

POAP delivery #1677 for that same event. The community has been waiting to collect this POAP and the link is still not working yet.

32151 Workshop #4 I requested additional POAPs. I asked for 250 and I recieved 50. I am trying to set up the POAP delivery for this too and I am getting an error. I think because I did not get enough POAP links to distribute.

Also waiting on approval for #32502 DEV AMA that took place today. Wanting to use POAP delivery for that as well.

Melissa Cyrus

Unstoppable Domains

Manager of Community Operations

Hey @Melissa :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the context

Delivery #1677 :point_right: received a positive review
Mint links petition #32502 :point_right: received a positive review

I see you already created the delivery petition for #32151, which is still being reviewed. I will let you know once Curators see it.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body


#32151 has been positively reviewed :slight_smile:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body :slight_smile: