POAP #47914 - Awaiting approval

POAP DROP #47914

Bandwagon is the leading independent music media company in Southeast Asia, delivering news, entertainment, and events happening in our region to millions of readers around the world.

This will be the 4th metaverse concert that we are currently holding in Decentraland called Bandwagon Pixel Party. The event will occur on Sunday, June 12, 2022 @ 10 PM GMT +8. Bandwagon Pixel Party is our foray into the Metaverse in partnership with Mettaverse and co-presented with EBX. This series will give music fans a new virtual experience and a chance to discover fresh music from Asia.

This event we will have ShiGGa Shay, Zadon, Cykko and DJ NashD performing in the metaverse and also to celebrate Cykko’s EP that was recently released. The event will run for 24 hours, giving people a chance to tune in as well as participate in claiming a POAP. We will also unveil our new wearable that we created and those who attend will be able to stand a chance and win!

This will be a virtual POAP drop that will occur in Decentraland (we will not be using a POAP dispenser). Users who attend the event will have to register as a participant in our treasure hunt (users will require a digital wallet to participate). When they collect all 10 items, our backend server will reward the user with a POAP to their wallet to commemorate their attendance with us in the metaverse.

You can visit our website here to learn more.

Discord: Bandwagon
Instagram: @bandwagonasia
Twitter: @bandwagonasia

Further information about our treasure hunt:

We are implementing a treasure hunt at the end of the live performance where our backend registers the POAP. We code this into the database and it acts as a guard; one claim per user and we use a websocket for data transfer. Our logic is that when the user completes the treasure hunt, there will be a captcha that they have to fill out before being to claim the POAP. The claim request is channeled to the backend server. If the claimant is new, the system would select the next unclaimed POAP token. Otherwise, it will prompt the claimant that the POAP is already assigned. Using this logic, we have a fairer distribution of POAP and ensure that each person who actually completes the in-game activity is only rewarded with 1 POAP.

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