POAP #43717 Unstoppable Octopi Graduation

2. Unstoppable Domains
Graduation for 8+ domain holders

I had to recreate this POAP today because it expired before I was able to create the delivery site. Can we please either extend the time on #33263 (expired) or approve this new one so I can make a delivery page? Thanks so much Melissa

@frankie @Fio I created delivery page 2285 - Unstoppable Octopi Graduation 2022

Congratulations on graduating to Unstoppable Octopi! Unstoppable community members like you are what make us truly Unstoppable! To show our appreciation here is a POAP that marks this moment in time. It will also ungate the Octopi channel in our Discord server, where you can tangle with the rest of the UD Octopi. As you continue to grow with us, we see you teaching others and helping along the way and we are so glad you are traveling with us on the blockchain. Let’s get on to mass adoption shall we?

Event/s: 43717

Can you please approve this POAP and Delivery page for me? Thank you

Hey @Melissa

Thanks for the info!

Who’s eligible to receive this POAP?
How did you collect the addresses?

Hello. We use premint to whitelist addresses, it is on chain. It connects to collabland through discord and is highly secure. This POAP is for domain holders who hold 8 domains or more. And they must have that discord role to APPLY for the premint to receive the POAP. We do not feed the hunters over here at UD. Just FYI Premint has been approved by Isabel in the past through email, and we have discussed it here in previous conversations.

@Fio @frankie @HeuRea @isabel @Anthony @Simple Hi! Can you approve this please? We have a raffle today. (it was supposed to be yesterday but we have to push it because the delivery page is not ready) It has been 5 days frens please help.

1.43717 delivery page 2285
2. Unstoppable Domains
Graduation for new 8+ domain holders over the last month

I had to recreate this POAP today because the first one expired before I was able to create the delivery site. Can we please approve this new one so I can make a delivery page? We use PREMINT. On chain verification whitelist system. We are not feeding the hunters.
Thanks so much Melissa

Hi @Melissa, thanks for the context.

I know we discussed Premint and its use for certain types of events.
But it’s not clear to us why did you use Premint for collecting the addresses for this use case. If the eligible users are those who hold 8 domains, that should be readable on-chain, right?

We use Premint to verify eligibility on almost every POAP we create. Reasons: Cuts down on POAP hunters in our server overall, it also gives us a super clean easy to transfer list of wallet addresses for the delivery page. Why wouldn’t we use premint? I am not understanding the issue with approval here? We are clearly cautious to make sure POAPs are landing to the folks who earned them only. This was a big month-long event, and our folks worked hard to earn the POAP. We are super responsible with how we distribute. Can you please be more specific about why PREMINT is not aligned with POAP standards so I can avoid this in the future? We have been waiting on approval for this one for a week. I do not understand what is. not meeting approval standards, and I am getting tons of messages from the community on why the page isn’t active yet.

@Melissa please keep kindness at the forefront of your interactions with fellow members of the POAP community. Understanding is hard, especially in written format, but it is also a two way street to try to communicate well.

This isn’t at all about PREMINT.

The question here is about “who is eligible for the POAP”:

  • All UD 8 domain holders
  • Some subset

You’re using PREMINT, so its the latter - we would like to understand how the subset was determined. In general, farming becomes less of a concern when there was meaningful economic activity (such as what I can imagine with buying 8 domains) so if that’s your initial set, I’m kinda wondering why the need for the secondary service – in combo with the description of rabid community members I’m a little weary that this is a POAP for something that is theoretically an on-chain form of participation, with a dataset that isn’t collected on-chain.

Further, it’s unclear if owning 8 domains is an event (though a graduation certainly is) – but how many 8 domain owners can really be graduating in a given month?

Hopefully you see the nature of the concerns here.

Hi Isabel,

I did not mean to come off unkind. I was just trying to understand the issue, and the communication was so sporadic and slow. I did not see where there was an issue with the approval. I just needed someone to explain what my answers were missing, days went by between intereactions. I am sorry if I came across as unkind in my frustration. The POAP opens a role in the discord and the holders of the 8 domains have to go through several workshops to learn how to utilize those domains. There are 4 subsets and as they collect the workshops get harder. So. the first being connecting a wallet and minting and setting up profiles. Second is dolphin, Next month, these folks are required to learn how to add a PFP, and set up social profiles, then sharks and whales. The end is learning how to create a web page using IFPS. So each set has 4 weeks to attend the workshops and graduate. We had a octo-POAP raffle scheduled where POAP holders would get an exclusive raffle. That’s why the community is asking when the page will be up and the raffle held. We use premint because it is consistent. Also it encourages engagement. They have to fill out the form to qualify for the PAOP, and they have to meet the twitter follow requirements ETC. The overall idea is that we want to educate out holders. I hope this clears things up and again I do apologize.

Ah, gotcha. Yes, this helps. Thanks for appreciating the work put in by the curation team — as you might imagine, we see a lot of these forms of issues, and getting to the bottom of delivery, distribution, so forth can be a lot.


Completely understand. I appreciate your help. If I have not said it enough in the past to you and the team, we appreciate you all immensely. It was a particularly stressful week for me, and I could have taken more time to be more kind. I certainly did not mean to come across as unappreciative. Thank you for your understanding and guidance.

Do I need to do anything else to get these approved? Make any changes to process or the POAP? POAP 43717 attached to delivery page 2285

@isabel @Fio Is there something else I need to do? The delivery page is still not available?

Hello, Can you guys please let me know if this POAP is not going to be approved, so I can correct the issue? I am still not sure what the issue is or how to move forward?

Congrats, looks like your Delivery petition received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body