POAP 1 Link for Multiple Mints (URL)

Need to create 1 link for multiple URL mints. Right now, it seems like I can only generate multiple links for each person to mint.

Here is my approved POAP: POAP - The bookmarks of your life

You are now able to check the status of your POAP Drop petition through the Customer Support Chat Bot on any of the https://poap.xyz/ pages (in the lower righthand corner of the page).

This is the step by step process for checking the status of your POAP Drop and where to Submit an appeal (if needed):

  1. click on “check status of my drop”

  2. Enter the POAP Drop ID (event ID)

  3. The bot will give the current disposition of the status of your drop

  4. If you need to appeal a decision click on “submit an appeal”

  5. Click on the link and fill out the form with all info requested

  6. Standby and wait for a reply within 3 business days