PLZ check it, ZEP TentFlimFestival need more than 1K poap

Dear POAP.

event ID is #61618
I requested you 1000 poaps and I got it, I made QR of poap on poap site.
But It dosen’t work. I got only 150 poap’s links which I can mint by e-mail.
What problem in this issue?
I want to know what should I do and how I get 1000poaps.

This is the metaverse tentfilmfestival in ZEP. no DCL. It’s opened 2hours ago.
It was my part make poap, I thought it was succeed but the QR doesn’t work.

My company is Qpola in Seoul, Korea. and this is about the festival’s introduce.
My company want to get the list how many people visit here.

and later, we have get NFT event for them who visit in it.
And for remever the anniversary this 18th festival we need this poap.

There was 5K people vistied last year. So I thought over the 1K we need at least.

So, this is not DCL. This is ZEP and we made this map for this festival for long time.
We have communities about metaverse or artists and promo ourselves.

And the host of this metaverse festival is an artist named Yog. He has Youtube chennel.

Yog is a team, they have over the 13K subscriber.

They promo their festival with Youtube or inform the press for news
ang it is about the review and introduce for the animation which is going to be opened in this festival. - YouTube

This is 18th festival.
it is ZEP in korea metaverse
You can play some games in it and watch movie or animations.

Please I want to solve about it, and could you tell me how many poaps what I requested, I can get?
I used this e-mail when I droped the poap.

We are going to distribute it with googleform.
There is a booth in this ZEP metaverse which Yog made, and people should visit the main booth and open the googleform to get the POAP.

This ZEP festival metaverse site has code so can’t use if you don’t have the entercode.

This is not DCL, and can’t visit this metaverse who don’t have entercode.
We want to get poap for get DB about artists and visiting people.
This is 18th festival, we are going to have like this tent film festival next year, we are going to invite poeple who have this poap.

For useful distribute, we thought QR is the best and we are make the google form which has this QR.
So check about my issue.

I hope there is posive result about it…

this is the tentfilmfestival. there were pretty many people who didn’t get poap… so sad…

Hello @mal

You are trying to use the Website Distribution Method which is not the proper distribution method for metaverse located events such as this one.

You were given mint links which can be dispensed with the Magic QR Code Dispenser or other third party dispensers which can be found here:

You can view event in the gallery: POAP Gallery

Thank you so much! It’ll useful.

and I want to ask one more,
I got 150 mint links text by e-mail.

I want to 1850 text links more.
Or I should have 1K mint at least.

Please I hope you send me the links!

Thank you so much for your kind.

I requested 1K code throgh #61618 and not yet approved
My event will opened UST 7:00 A.M.

I hope I could get the poaps.
Thanks you!

Hello @mal

You need to distribute the first 150 mint links you received before requesting more mint links as a top up.