[Please Help😭 ] Drop Id : 84326 Rejected

  1. Drop ID:84326

  2. Community information:
    DC link:腦哥chill塊鏈
    YT link:https://www.youtube.com/@chill2900

  3. Nature of the event

We want to celebrate our first-time online community meeting event. We have almost 110k fanns in YouTube, 4.7 K members in Discord, but we never held online event before.

About our Discord/YouTube:
Our goal is to educate people in Asia about crypto, blockchain etc. We offer a friendly environment for noobies, provide them tutorials and guide. More often, we help them to get out of scam projects. (We have a lot in Asia)

The next step is to research with enormous community members together. So, we want to hold this event.

This drop icon is the portrait of the host this time. He is also a community member. We want to encourage people to build this community together.

  1. Distribution plan
    We want to collect their email by Google form, send them mint link after the online meeting. The form would open to the participants for 10 minutes during the event.

  2. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

I am sorry, this is my first time using POAP.
The drop ID : 84326 is rejected within a minute
Even before I fill the another form :rofl:

  1. It’s not a Repeat artwork, the icon is the portrait of this event host, he is also a community member. We want to encourage people to engage this Discord more often.

  2. It’s not a Other duplication, it’s our first-time official application.

  3. If it is rejected by Lack of clarity, I have to apologize for my poor English. 或是我要用中文解釋也可以,如果可以的話 :green_heart:

  4. It meets the General philosophical misalignment I think, nothing bad for a Discord Community seminar.

I need help :sob::sob:

Hello @danny359131763

Where is the online meeting going to be held?

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Our Discord channel :slight_smile:

The event is on November 23 20:00(GMT+8), but I set the drop time from November 21 for testing.

Is there any information I need to offer, please let me know :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Should I resend the request?
Or is there anything I can provide :smiling_face_with_tear:
I am afraid the drop wouldn’t on time…

Hello @danny359131763

do you use Guild.xyz for POAP distribution in discord?

Never used before, but I will try this out :grinning:
Thank you so much for the support, the drop 84365 is passed.
I feel so touched :sob:
Also shout out to @Jesus del Valle in Discord, he helped me a lot.
Best guy ever <3