Please approve our POAP ! ^^

  1. Drop ID - 33223
  2. Community information -
  1. Nature of the event
    ETHRio Convention - 11-20 March 2022
  • Ethereum Rio will be a gateway for international blockchain projects to the Latin American region - the starting point for global projects to understand the unique landscape; to meet their communities; and, to grow their user-base.
    Ethereum Rio aims to help Rio de Janeiro become a regional Web3 hub - A place for Brazilian and LATAM creators and builders with global ambitions. A place for this community to learn and connect with an international network of users, partners and investors.
  1. Distribution plan
    Paper cards, like tickets with QR codes along with full link to the POAP for security reasons. And in person after meeting them.Where we will also tell what is POAP all about.

  2. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Who knows…Guess high demand and low staff on your side…

More info :

The objective/purpose of Poolsharks ETHRio 2022 POAP is proof that you’ve met a poolsharks team member at ETHRio 2022.

Hey @Poolsharks

Your petition was on hold because the website you provided doesn’t work. It’s important to check the info, because it’s the only way Curators can review the nature of your event and understand what your community is doing.
We’ll send the info you provided to Curators and let you know once they review your petition.

The POAP Curation Body

I guess the site is not up at the moment. I provided a Discord, Twitter, and our Docs.

Think that should be enough ?


Hey! Did you track attendance or record wallet addresses for this drop?

Hey @Poolsharks

I will close this thread since we didn’t hear back from you.
Feel free to post again if you need more help :slight_smile:

The POAP Curation Body